Sometimes, following Victoria Coren on Twitter is like:


Hmm, by some weird chance, do any of my followers happen to work for O2?

EPT Sanremo Main Event

Victoria Coren is a member of Team PokerStars, is a former European Poker Tour (EPT) winner, the host for the BBC4 show Only Connect, a former guest on Have a I Got News For You, a commentator, writer and all round charming young lady.

This is what she had to say about one of her many talents: the art of television broadcasting.

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Anonymous asked: I swear every female comedian/witty person has an angry mob on the internet that likes to use them as an example of "why women aren't funny"

They do! But don’t even get me started on the Internet mobs. It’s a scary, WTF inducing place in the comments section and on message boards. Anyway, I think those are the types of people who already have that opinion before they start watching a show so when VCM or Sarah Millican for eg, who’s ridiculously popular, crop up on HIGNFY they’re not gonna be convinced that these women are actually funny. Same with if any woman tells a joke that falls flat or is a bit controversial, i reckon they’re less likely to be “forgiven”, if you will, than a male comedian, by the audience and they’ll just be categorised as ‘another woman who isn’t funny’. Thinking about it, that could be to do with the fact that men have more opportunities to be on the telly and tell more funny jokes to make us forget about that time they were on QI and weren’t funny. I think VCM fairs a bit better than other witty women though, which could be to do with her being on telly outside of OC less than others, and perhaps the types of anecdotes she tells, but I’ve seen people accuse Sarah Millican of being whiny and only talking about women’s problems (usually MEN ugh) and that’s why they don’t think she’s funny, which is pure sexism because all male observational comics are pretty much talking about their male problems and I don’t see those men complaining, or really any women about not being able to relate to what the comic’s saying. When VCM’s on the telly she gets the usual ‘she’s annoying’ and ‘she’s not funny’ (as well as the nepotism stuff which is ridiculous to people who know her backstory about sending stories in to magazines under fake names, and also because, well, she’s pretty talented on her own) but also the comments where they say she should be replaced by her husband and then the show would be funny - or something along those lines - which is pathetic because her and David essentially have the same type of humour, so what that shows is these people are uncomfortable watching a show where it’s a woman who’s the funny one! There was a post by ziggy-the-gengar that basically said this which was great, that I reblogged a little while ago. Basically, these Internet mobs are just a gathering of sexists who have to hide themselves online to spout their crap opinions because they’d get shouted down in real life. 

Thanks for this Anon!

That’s a tad cute!


That’s a tad cute!

[David Mitchell on meeting Victoria Coren] There’s a downside to all this and I don’t mean not being able to drink beer in the bath or scratch my balls during dinner because she insists on both.

The downside is the fear.

The fear of something happening to her.

The pressure of there being two bodies in the world that I want to keep from harm and only being able to watchfully inhabit one of them.

I wonder if you know what I mean,

I hope you do, for your sake.

— (via thewhiteviolin)