I’ve had an absolute horror of a day and I’m a complete misery so Only Connect could not be starting at a better time. Comfort me VCM!


Current sexuality: Victoria Coren in glasses



QI Series L Episode 03 - Literature


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Sorry, shoulda said! BBC2 at 10pm.

VCM on QI tonight!

Watch VCM play poker LIVE! EPT London is only on day 2 so nothing to get too excited about yet (still get a bit excited though). Fingers crossed for a repeat of Sanremo.

Only Connect has made the National Television Awards long list in the Entertainment Programme category so everyone go and vote for it to make the short list then we might just get a few VCM red carpet pics.

A nice little interview about VCM and her poker strategy.

Submitted by Anon. Thanks!

3. Literature

3. Literature

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As gambler Phil Ivey found to his cost, no matter how subtle your sting, the casino comes out on top.

malfuria said: Have you seen the schedule for HIGNFY? !!!!!

!!!!!! I have!!!!!! Hosting, eh? (24th of October for those who haven’t heard).

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